List of Accepted Works - 2016  

The following pieces have been accepted into the 2016 Courting Art Exhibition.  Prize winners will be notified on or before Monday, May 9, 2016. 

PLEASE NOTE: All artists accepted into the exhibition are invited to attend the Opening Night Reception (with a guest) on Wednesday, May 11, 5 - 7 PM at the MCCC Fine Arts Center.
Please RSVP by calling 610-994-3655

Carol Albrecht, "Merrymead Farm Spring Flowers"
Robert Carl Arnosky, "Dead Heat!"
Frank Batson, "Elmwood Park Summer"
Carl Berlinger, "CJ on Trumpet"
William Bourne, "Goin' Fishin'"
Becky Brams, "Glenside 4th of July Parade"
Ann L. Brennan, "Soaring"
Carlene Brod, "Celebration"
Ellen Garvin Brown, "Chickadee Family"
Sylvia Z. Brunner, "Well, Pop-Pop, I Think We Have it Licked"
Vickie G. Buccini, "Up, Up and Away"
Roselyn Cadoff, "Carnival Time"
Joyce Caperilla, "Gone Fishing"
Linda Crane, "Monday Afternoon on La Grade Canal"
Lauren Daddona, "Joys of Summer"
Renee S. DiDomizio, "Autumn Bike Rides"
Donna Douglass, "All that Jazz"
Teresa McWilliams Farina, "Kayaking at the Schuylkill"
Lee Felbinger, "A Montgomery County Country Auction"
Carol Fiergang, "Moments in Time"
Connie Fletcher, "Got It!"
Rose Folkes, "Fun at Fischer Park"
Frances Franzone, "Norristown Farm Park"
Rosalie Funk, "Gaggle Gossip"
Michele Geller, "A Day in the Park"
Eileen H. Gifford, "Hula Hoop Competition Hooray!"
Elizabeth D. Gladue, "Spring is Here (Free Water Ice)"
Michael Greco, "Field Trip"
Patricia R. Guckes, "The Families at Ogontz Campus Duck Pond Ocean"
Ann Haig, "Puddle Hoppers"
Glenn Haig, "First Wheels"
Cindi B. Hersh, "North Penn Baseball"
Christine L. Kelly, "Montco in Motion"
Marlene Danzig Kornreich, "Changing Cycles of Time"
Walter H. Kuemmerle, "Morning Call"
Robert Landes, "Hidden Treasure"
Thomas Lebish, "Christopher Columbus Day"
Karen Liebman, "A Walk in the Park"
Marlene Farber Lipschutz, "Motion"
J.R. Lloyd, "Uplifted"
Patricia Lynch, "Round and Round"
Jim Lynch, "Apollo & Trixie"
Ann Carbonara Marinelli, "Hanging at the Zoo"
Edward McCarty, "Sun Fishing"
Marian Mongelli, "Walk in Valley Forge"
Beatriz Montoya, "Regatta"
Candace M. Naumowicz, "Play Socks in the Park"
Joselyn Kinstler Ney, "Alongside of Whitemarsh Boat Club"
Jillian D. O'Rourke, "Getting Back to Nature"
Renee Parker, "Horsham Dog Park"
Judith Peck, "Artist at Work"
Marjorie Pollock, "Going to Church"
Rebecca Postell, "Winter Fun"
David Reed, "Rowing on the Reservoir"
Jill Hassall Rees, "Fishing Buddies"
Marty Rosenberg, "On the Bench"
Susanne Rotondo, "Having Fun in the Snow"
Frank Russo, "Springtime Moment"
Nancy Saladik, "Forever Nature Lovers"
Anne Marie Scavello, "In God We Trust"
Peggy Jane Schnable, "Skaters Holiday"
Raymond Schorle, "Soccer Boy"
Malcolm Scott, "Cannibal Queen at Wings Field"
Suzanne B. Shank, "Laughter of Children"
Don Shoffner, "Opening Day on the Perkiomen"
Judith Stevens, "Going Home"
Dolores Stonelake, "Moments in Leisure - Perkiomen Creek"
Sam Strauss, "Ambler Theater at Twilight"
Bill Strohecker, "Cannon Crew in Motion at Hope Lodge"
Annmaire Strolle, "Best Friends"
Susannah Hart Thomer, "Late Night Movies"
Kenneth Tuttle, "Future Aviators"
Mary McKeever Volpe, "Evening Glow"
Janice Ward, "Companion in Motion"
John F. Wolper, Sr., "Under the Watchful Eye of an Old Farmhouse"
Stephanie Angelucci, Kathy Bampfield, Brian Carroll, Hannah Engelhardt, Lynda Gehman,
Bridget Geri, Tara Woodruff, "Peter Pan"