Leno Thomas

Congratulations to Leno Thomas for winning the weekl 5 prize.  Leno will receive a Kunda Beverage Gift Card for his choice of libations, courtesy of Strehlow Court Reporting!    




It is Certain:
Going for the layup, Peyton Manning and the passing attack light up the Jets.
Without a Doubt

I foresee a big time shootout between Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

As I See it, Yes:
Ditto Bears v. Falcons.
Outlook Good:

For Andre Ellington and Michael Floyd.

Ask Again Later:
Does playing at Seattle ground the Cowboys’ offense?
Better Not Tell You Now:
Will Bridgewater’s return matter against the Lions improved D?
Concentrate and Ask Again:

Is there any hope for the Raiders this week or any week?

Don't Count On It:

LeSean Mccoy getting going this week, Giants are better than advertised.

My Reply is No:

The return of Jonathan Stewart does not warrant a spot on fantasy rosters at this time.

My Sources Say No:
Tom Brady won’t repeat last week, Bills defense is solid.
Outlook Not So Good:

Mike Glennon, Ravens defense has been fierce this year.


Raiders:            Have returned to their usual state of irrelevance and inconsistency, welcome back guys!

PATRIOTS:      Good news for Patriots fans, I have full faith that Bill Belichick will right the ship as sources indicate he has hired a new “videographer”
                        for walkthroughs and gameday.

Bills:                    Bills typically play Patriots close and put up points.  Orton should provide consistency to the passing game.

Chiefs:                 BYE WEEK

Lions:                  As long as Megatron remains limited expect Golden Tate to see more action which is a good thing.

Ravens:             What has happened to Torrey Smith?  Keep riding the Forsett bandwagon this week.

Titans:                 At long last we had a Kendall Wright sighting and then of course Locker got hurt again killing Wright’s value.

Browns:             The Browns ground game is very real and reliable, as long as Tate is healthy he is a must start. 

Colts:                   T.Y. Hilton finally broke out, raise your hand if you actually started him this week.  Trent Richardson is starting to give some fantasy
                             production.  Clearly the Colts are committing to a split backfield to keep Bradshaw healthy.

Buccaneers:      Glennon has been good for the passing game.  Rainey is outperforming Martin.

Vikings:             Matt Berry keeps praising McKinnon, this feels like one of his irrational loves/beliefs that never pans out.

Bears:                  You know what they are and who to start at this point.

Saints:                 BYE WEEK

Jaguars:            Who is Storm Johnson?  He’s the guy raining (god I love bad puns) on Toby Gerhart’s parade.

Jets:                     What a shock, Mike Vick admitting he wasn’t prepared to play.  In my next life time I hope I can run really really fast and have no other
                             reliable skills so I can earn millions of dollars being a lazy bum.

Seahawks:         The Defense isn’t as good as last years meaning lots of people regret drafting them so early (myself included)  Wilson is turning in a
                            top QB fantasy performance this year.

Steelers:            LeVeon Bell owners must be screaming at Todd Haley, how many times can the Steelers get in the red zone and not give their best RB
                            a shot to punch it in?  How many more times does Big Ben blow a red zone chance with a turnover before they try running it?

Cardinals:         Redskins defense is better than last year and yet still horrible, good news for all Cardinals.

Washington:      Other than the debacle against the rival Giants, Kirk Cousins has posted 20+ points a week.  He’s this years Nick Foles.

Packers:            Eddie Lacy looked like Eddie Lacy.  This means you have a full complement of viable players outside of the TE position.

Panthers:           Olsen and Benjamin are weekly starters, Cam needs to run more to get back to elite status.

Cowboys:          Terrance Williams has scored a TD in 4 of 5 games and has 5 TD’s total.  He had better not be on anyone’s bench by next week. 
                          This week it’s okay to worry facing Seattle in Seattle.

49ers:                Where have you gone Mr. Crabtree?  St. Louis is bad against the ground game but Frank Gore was also beat up and worn down
                           from his heavy use at the end of last week.  Carlos Hyde might see more action.

Bengals:            Was anyone shocked that the Bengals choked in prime time?  It always happens.  Heads up, Marvin Jones is almost back meaning the
                           days of Sanu are coming to an end.

Broncos:            Rex Ryan has flustered Peyton in the past, too bad they don’t have the talent in the secondary to stop the onslaught that is coming
                            this week.

Texans:             Common theme for Fitzpatrick, struggle to start the game, fall behind, defense relaxes and suddenly he comes to life and starts
                           flinging the ball around.

Dolphins:           Moreno is almost back, meaning we are very close to a RBBC situation.  Mike Wallace is a worthy WR2.

Chargers:          The passing game was quiet last week thanks to a devastating running game and the fact that the score was out of control.

Eagles:                Where’s are the big talk from Sal Pal and Jaws?  They were declaring at the start of the season that Chip Kelly was an offensive
                             super-genius; that Einstein would bow down before Chip in awe of his unstoppable offensive ingenuity.  In the past 2 weeks the
                             special teams and defense have outscored Nicky and the offense.  Chip’s arrogance in dumping DeSean is a classic Andy Reid
                             move, let’s all hope he has learned from this mistake and is eating his humble pie.

Falcons:             Typical to last year, the offense is going to score a lot but the defense is going to give up too many points.  Great news for owners of
                            WR’s and Ryan.

Rams:                  At this point you would expect defenses to focus on taking away Brian Quick and yet he keeps on scoring.  Ride him.

Giants:                The offense is coming to life and Beckham provides some super deep speed which Eli loves.  This could turn out to be a nice
                             fantasy team.

Good luck in your Week 6 games folks!