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Membership Benefits

Montgomery Bar Association / Flexible Benefits Plans, Inc.

Q:  Why should our member firm change administrators and move to Flexible Benefits Plans?
A:  To date, hundreds of MBA members receive superior product offerings, while receiving quality service through our dedicated customer service and sales staff.

Q:  Does FBP add any additional fees of any kind to my bill? Is the rate exactly what the carrier charges?
A:  Montgomery Bar customers are “NOT” subject to any additional fees beyond the carrier's rates.

Q:  What are some of the value added benefits of being a member of FBP?
A:   • Dedicated customer service for MBA members
      • COBRA Administration
      • Consolidated billing / enrollment reconciliation
      • Sales /Retention team

FBP provides superior customer service, exceptional consultative skills, and dedicated sales and retention staff with over 45 years of carrier experience. We are local (based in Valley Forge, PA), and have been administering group health insurance for over 20 years.  Our primary focus is health insurance, making us more responsive to your needs.

Q:   Can I retain my existing level of health insurance benefits?
A:  Yes. Groups that transfer between association administrators retain their existing or grandfathered level of benefits.  

Q:  Can I retain my current United Concordia dental plan?
A:  Yes, FBP’s contract with UCCI allows us to quote many variations of Dental coverage.

Q:  Will FBP visit our office to explain our benefits in detail?
A:  Yes, FBP will visit any customer of the Montgomery Bar Association, regardless of group size.

Q:  Will FBP manage my group enrollment?
  Yes, FBP does electronic enrollment directly with Independence Blue Cross. 

Q:  How can I contact FBP?
A:  The Montgomery Bar's dedicated support line is 866-403-7492 or email:           support@flexiben.com. The dedicated fax number is 610-482-1803. 

Q:  What do I need to do to transfer my business to FBP? 
A:   A signed Association of Record / Broker of Record letter and a copy of your license or UC2A (Employer Groups with 2 or more enrolled members) faxed to (610) 482-1803 is all that's needed to start the process. The originals should be mailed to FBP as soon as possible thereafter to ensure a smooth transition.

   Flexible Benefits Plans, Inc.
   Valley Forge Commons East Bldg # 57               
   1288 Valley Forge Road               
   P.O. Box 873               
   Valley Forge, PA 19482  

Q: How can I obtain the required paperwork to make the transition to FBP? 
A:  Please contact Christina Capriotti (Sales Account Executive) at 610-482-1800 or sales@flexiben.com.    

Q:  What is the transfer deadline?
A:  Independence Blue Cross requires all Association transfer paperwork to be in their office by January 31st.  Information received after this date will be processed as quickly as possible, but may be rejected by the carrier, depending on the date.

Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions at all. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Pedone
Chief Operations Officer