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The following classes of membership are offered at the Montgomery Bar Association:

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Must be in good standing and admitted to the Supreme Court of PA.
Practice Law Full-time.
Maintain principal office for practice in Montgomery County.
Has voting rights, can be officer/director and chair or co-chair of committee.
Includes membership to PBA.
  a. Young Lawyer Regular Member: 35 years of age or less and/or admitted to practice law less than 5 years.
  b. Government Regular and Gov. Young Lawyer Member: Federal/State Local Government.
  c. Senior: Regular member who has reached 70 years of age and has been a Regular member for 10 years.
  d. Inactive: Regular member who is ill, disabled or in Military or Senior member who has retired.
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Past regular member who no longer qualifies as regular Status.
Any attorney who does not qualify for Regular, Inactive or Affiliate.
Attorney who works for corporation, or federal/state or local government entity on a full time basis - provided his/her office is located in the Commonwealth of PA.
eASSOCIATE: Same as Associate; however, receives Montgomery County Law Reporter, Legal Directory and Sidebar newsletter electronically rather than hard copy.
To qualify you need to be a Non-Montgomery County Attorney.
AFFILIATE: Judge of Federal or State Appellate Judiciary.
Attorney in good standing and admitted to Supreme Court of ANY state of US or DC.

To apply for a regular membership please complete the application and return to the MBA office.  We request that no monies be sent with the application, as we will contact you and advise you on the correct amount to be submitted.  You will be contacted within five business days.

Membership Application form>>
(PDF 85 KB)

If you have any questions, please call Pattie Walker at the Bar Building (610) 279-9660, Ext. 210 or E-mail Pattie Walker at pattie@montgomerybar.org.

Our membership fee is based on your admission date to the PA Supreme Court.  

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