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2014 Committees

Committee members meet regularly to keep updated on changes in the law specific to their practice area.  The networking and exchange of information among the attorneys keeps our members in the forefront of the legal community.

Committee Name Title Committee Members
Alternate Dispute Resolution  Chair Robert F. Morris, Esq.
Vice-Chair Karen L. Tucci, Esq.
American Citizenship  Chair David J. Walton, Esq.
Vice-Chair James S. Lee, Esq.
Audit Chair William L. Landsburg, Esq.
Vice-Chair Michelle R. Portnoff, Esq.
Awards Committee Chair Harvey F. Strauss, Esq.
Bankruptcy/Creditors and Debtors Rights  Chair Alfred Abel, Esq.
Vice-Chair Rochelle N. Bobman, Esq.
Bench Bar Executive Chair Marc Robert Steinberg, Esq.
Business, Banking and Corporate Counsel Co-Chair Adam L. Fernandez
Co-Chair Jason J. Herron, Esq.
By-Laws Chair Donald J. Martin, Esq.
Vice-Chair William H. Bradbury, III, Esq.
Child Advocates Committee Co-Chair Craig B. Bluestein, Esq.
Co-Chair Mary C. Pugh, Esq.
Vice-Chair Megan Hazel-Reppy, Esq.
Civil Practice Manual Chair Jane Hackett Fisher, Esq.
Vice-Chair Kathryn M. Brady, Esq.
Collaborative Law Chair Barbara B. Zulick, Esq.
Vice-Chair Jean M. Biesecker, Esq.
Community Outreach Committee Chair Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Vice-Chair Melissa M. Boyd, Esq.
Construction and Public Contract Law Co-Chair Scott C. Hofer, Esq.
Co-Chair Joshua C. Quinter, Esq.
Vice-Chair Robert R. Watson, Jr., Esq.
Continuing Legal Education Chair Cynthia L. Brennan, Esq.
Vice-Chair Bruce Pancio, Esq.
Council of Past Presidents Chair Samuel D. Miller, III, Esq.
Courthouse Technology Liaison (AD HOC) Chair Harold M. Goldner, Esq.
Criminal Defense Co-Chair Michael F. Dunn, Esq.
Co-Chair Steven F. Fairlie, Esq.
Co-Chair Adam D. Zucker, Esq.
Diversity Chair Mohammad Aleem Ghiasuddin, Esq.
Vice-Chair Lindette C. Hassan, Esq.
Elder Law Committee Chair Robert C. Gerhard, III, Esq.
Vice-Chair Michelle C. Berk, Esq.
Employment and Labor Law Chair Ethan R. O'Shea, Esq.
Vice-Chair W. Christian Moffitt, Esq.
Environmental and Energy Law Chair Adam N. Bram, Esq.
Vice-Chair Tomas Arechabala, Esq.
Executive Chair Michael F. Rogers, Esq.
Facilities Chair Edward A. Skypala, Esq.
Vice-Chair Sean R. Morrow, Esq.
Federal Court Practice Chair Gregory S. Voshell, Esq.
Vice-Chair Mark A. Kearney, Esq.
Fee Dispute Chair Fred W. Miller, Esq.
Financial Management Chair C. Dale McClain, Esq.
Vice-Chair Michael F. Rogers, Esq.
Franchising Co-Chair Harris J. Chernow, Esq.
Co-Chair Kenneth P. Milner, Esq.
Vice-Chair Farzeen Sidhva, Esq.
General Practice Chair Meyer Simon, Esq.
Vice-Chair Patrick J. Kurtas, Esq.
Government Relations Chair Mark A. Kearney, Esq.
Vice-Chair Jeffrey M. Lindy, Esq.
Historical Chair Peter E. Moore, Esq.
Immigration Co-Chair Gregory J. Eck, Esq.
Co-Chair C.J. Lyford, Esq.
Insurance Chair Mary Beth Hughes, Esq.
Vice-Chair Paul C. Troy, Esq.
Intellectual Property and Communications Law Chair Clinton J. Cusick, Esq.
Joint Liaison with Accountants Co-Chair Michael F. Breslin, Esq.
Co-Chair Sheryl R. Rentz, Esq.
Vice-Chair Alfred Abel, Esq.
Judiciary Co-Chair Robert F. Morris, Esq.
Co-Chair William H. Pugh, V, Esq.
Law Day Chair Michael E. Furey, Esq.
Vice-Chair William G. Roark, Esq.
Law Reporter Chair Harold M. Goldner, Esq.
Editor Jamie Ryan Hall, Esq.
Lawyer Reference/Legal Access Chair Mark C. Schultz, Esq.
Vice-Chair Matthew F. Fox, Esq.
Leadership Initiative Chair Hon. Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio
Vice-Chair Cheryl L. Young, Esq.
Legal Aid/Pro Bono Service Chair Joo Y. Park, Esq.
Vice-Chair Aimee L. Kumer, Esq.
Legislative Liaison Chair Mark A. Kearney, Esq.
Long Range Planning Chair Eric B. Smith, Esq.
Magisterial District Judge Practice Committee Chair Stephen M. Geday, Esq.
Vice-Chair Gregory R. Gifford, Esq.
Managing Partners Committee Chair Marc Robert Steinberg, Esq.
Medical Legal Chair Justin A. Bayer, Esq.
Vice-Chair Keith B. McLennan, Esq.
Member Services Co-Chair Betty Lupo, Esq.
Co-Chair Marie A. Patterson, Esq.
Vice-Chair Andrew R. Freimuth, Esq.
Membership Chair Marie A. Patterson, Esq.
Nominating Chair Cheryl L. Young, Esq.
Real Estate Chair Marc D. Jonas, Esq.
Vice-Chair Bernadette A. Kearney, Esq.
Realtor Liaison Committee Chair Craig H. Fox, Esq.
Rules of Civil Court Chair Jane Hackett Fisher, Esq.
Vice-Chair Colin J. O'Boyle, Esq.
Rules of Criminal Court Chair Francis M. Walsh, Esq.
Vice-Chair Thomas W. McGoldrick, Esq.
Rules of Juvenile Court Chair Richard A. Simon, Esq.
Rules of Orphans' Court Co-Chair Thomas A. Boulden, Esq.
Co-Chair Bernard J. McLafferty, Jr., Esq.
Sidebar Co-Chair Gary J. Friedlander, Esq.
Co-Chair Robert R. Watson, Jr., Esq.
Speakers Bureau Chair Karl S. Myers, Esq.
Unauthorized Practice Co-Chair Eric B. Smith, Esq.
Co-Chair Seth D. Wilson, Esq.
Vice-Chair Charles J. Meyer, Esq.
Women in the Law Committee Co-Chair Jacqueline M. Reynolds, Esq.
Co-Chair Pamela M. Tobin, Esq.
Workers' Compensation Co-Chair Louis P. Lombardi, II, Esq.
Co-Chair Thomas C. Lowry, Esq.
Vice-Chair Jason Hanford, Esq.