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The Davenport Dispute Resolution Center

A Special Service to the Profession and the Public - Avoid crowded dockets, high trial costs, and drawn-out litigation.

As a service to the profession and to the public, the Montgomery Bar Association administers an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) program.  The Davenport Dispute Resolution Center is available to individuals, corporations, insurance carriers and all other parties seeking an expeditious resolution to a dispute.

The Davenport Center is designed to enable parties on both sides of a dispute to come to terms quickly and inexpensively.  This service includes all civil matters.

How to Use the Davenport Center

Parties seeking to resolve a civil controversy by arbitration or mediation through the auspices of the Davenport Dispute Resolution Center must complete and submit a Request form to the Montgomery Bar Association.  An Administrative Fee of $250 and an Arbitrator/Mediator Fee of $450 are required.  The latter represents a prepayment of the arbitrator's or mediator's fee for up to one hour of preparation and up to two hours of hearing time.  Any additional time shall be billed at the rate of $150.00 per hour or after notification to the Bar Association, such other hourly rate as agreed upon by the parties and the mediator and arbitrator.

Selecting an Arbitrator/Mediator

The Davenport Center maintains a list of approved arbitrators/mediators certified members of the Montgomery Bar Association available to the Center on rolling assignment.  Parties on both sides of a dispute may agree upon and submit the name of an attorney or attorneys from the list.  However, if they are unable to agree on the name (s) within 20 days of their scheduled meeting, the Center will assign a qualified arbitrator/mediator from the approved list. The arbitration/mediation itself can be conducted at the Center's Bar Association Offices, at the office of the arbitrator/mediator, or at any location found to be agreeable to all parties involved.

Review the list of approved arbitrators/mediators