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Lawyer Referral Service - Sign Up

For immediate registration information please contact:
Lawyer Referral Service
Phone: 610-279-9660, ext. 201, or Direct dial: 610-994-3656

2015-2016 Lawyer Referral Booklet (PDF 593KB)
2015-2016 Lawyer Referral/Legal Access Project Registration Form (PDF 25KB)


Common Misconception #1:  The cases aren’t right for me.

Fact: There are 14 panels to choose from, representing dozens of areas of concentration.  Pay only for those panels that apply to you and receive referrals only for cases that pertain to you.

Common Misconception #2:  Other people in my firm already participate.

Fact: A firm with 12 participating attorneys is literally 12 times as likely to receive quality referrals as a firm that has a single representative receiving referrals.  Remember, LRS assigns referrals to individuals (not firms) on a rotational schedule, based on geography and other criteria.

Common Misconception #3: My firm discourages me from participating.

Fact: Firms who discourage participation from their attorneys typically come around once they understand how LRS works.  LRS has evolved quite a bit in recent years and unfortunately for some, it’s one of our best kept secrets. If you’d like to speak with an MBA LRS Representative, call 610-279-9660 Ext. 200.    

Common Misconception #4: There’s too much paperwork involved.

Fact: There’s very little paperwork required after completing the initial application.

Common Misconception #5: I can always sign-up later.

Fact: NOW is the time to sign-up for LRS.  The LRS calendar runs from July 1 of this year through June 30 of next year.  You only get one chance to enjoy a full year of LRS for this low annual rate.  Don’t delay.  Complete an application and return it today.  The next case we refer might just be yours (the one you’ve been waiting for).   

Common Misconception #6: It’s expensive.

Fact:  Dollar for dollar, the MBA’s Lawyer Referral Service is arguably the least expensive way to promote your practice.  Many Montgomery County attorneys have found success by signing up for multiple panels and increasing the numbers of referrals they receive exponentially.  Last year, LRS fielded over 3,100 calls from people seeking legal help. Here's how our costs stack up against other media.  

Yellow Pages (Norristown Book)

$38/month x 12 = $456/ yr.

Standard Bold Listing (your name listed among hundreds)

Newspaper Ad in local daily (1 x) (based on 2 cols x 6”)

2 cols @ $45 c.i x 6” = $540/issue

Single ad in one issue

Pre-discount cost to participate in Lawyer Referral Service on four (4) separate panels in any particular geographical area.

$150/yr. (or just $100/year if you participate in Legal Access)

+ (4 additional x $30) = JUST 270/yr.

*NOTE: Special discounts apply for YLS Members and lawyers who participate in our Legal Access Project.

Referrals via LRS and LRS Online


Above: a comparison of costs a Norristown attorney will pay to participate in multiple panels of the MBA’s LRS vs. other common advertising mediums.  Prices used for comparisons as quoted 6/3/2014.