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Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) and Modest Means Legal Access Program (MMLAP) Registration

For immediate registration information, please contact the Lawyer Referral Service at
610-279-9660, ext. 201

The goals of the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) are to serve members and the public by referring people who seek and who can afford to pay for legal assistance to lawyers who are willing to accept such referrals, and to provide information and other resources as appropriate.

LRS Policies and Procedures (PDF)
2017 LRS Registration Form (PDF)

The goals of the Modest Means Legal Access Program (MMLAP) are to make legal services accessible to lower and moderate income people who are ineligible for free services from Legal Aid, and to provide participating members the opportunity to gain experience in various practice areas while developing their client bases.  MMLAP allows participating members to reach qualifying clients who earn up to 200% of the poverty level – those willing to pay for services but unable to afford standard legal rates. This means, for example, a member of a family of four with a total annual income of up to $48,500 can obtain quality legal service at a discounted rate through MMLAP.]

MMLAP Policies and Procedures (PDF)
2017 MMLAP Registration Form* (PDF)

*Participants in both LRS and MMLAP will receive a $50 registration discount provided at least one MMLAP referral is accepted over the course of the program year.


Just sign up and let us do the rest.  Montgomery County residents in need of an attorney look to us for guidance.  LRS information is included on various court documents (including every Notice to Defend published in the county), is featured on the Montgomery County website, and enjoys a prominent placement on various search engines.  MMLP provides access to countless potential clients – willing to pay for services – who would not otherwise retain lawyers because they cannot afford to pay standard legal fees.  We’ll send you potential clients based on their preferred geographic location and area of law desired.

Last year, LRS and MMLAP fielded over 5,000 phone, online and walk-in requests from individuals seeking legal assistance, a number which will undoubtedly increase this year.

LRS and MMLAP have launched an aggressive marketing campaign aimed at promoting local “Real Lawyers” over the growing number of online “for profit” referral services and “pay-to-play” listings [dubbed “RoboLawyers”].  The increase of public awareness of these programs will translate to more potential clients for you, the participant. 

LRS and MMLAP participants and users will now be serviced by a dedicated full-time LRS/MMLAP staff member.  By focusing solely on these programs, we’ll be able to process more referrals in a more efficient manner.  Tracking and case follow-up will be streamlined and easier to manage for participants.


“As a new solo in the area, I cannot say enough good about the Montgomery Bar Association LRS.  Not only has it brought in clients and referrals, but it's given me the chance to get to know my colleagues at the MBA and get a sense of the legal issues that are common in my geographic area.  Further, when I have the opportunity to have an LRS consult, I know that I have the privilege of representing our Bar and giving the best counsel I can.  Knowing that someone at the MBA thought highly enough of my firm to entrust someone's legal issues to us makes me remember that, no matter what, I am an officer of the court and a valuable member of our professional community. And on those weeks where business isn't exactly booming, knowing that I have the Bar behind me always helps to get me through.  I'm excited to see the new, overhauled LRS this fall, and I'm looking forward to many years of continued success and service.”  ~ Kelly Ohlert, Esq.

“Our office has found that working with the Montgomery County Lawyer Referral is a very rewarding experience. The program brings us a myriad of clients which often times we are able to assist without the need for litigation. It is very pleasing to be able to resolve problems for people and remove their anxiety.” ~ Bruce Shaw, Esq.

“The Lawyer Referral Service and Legal Access Project have helped me grow my practice. Particularly early on, when trying to meet new clients, the programs helped to bring in people with issues that were within my practice areas. These programs continue to bring in new clients and help me to form long-term relationships that lead to business down the road.” ~ Timothy Knowles, Esq.

“Lawyer Referral is a great way to initiate new client contact.  Some of my most fruitful and longstanding client relationships originated through the Montgomery Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service.  This service has proven to be an effective source for generating revenue and is one that I would recommend for attorneys wanting to grow or sustain their practice.” ~ Andrew Levin, Esq.

“This service matches potential clients specifically with someone who is experienced in a particular area of the law so that they can help. In the process of helping [LRS] clients, I have been able to earn good fees for my firm and return good fees back to the program, which helps continue its success.  This program is a great member benefit and service to the public and I encourage our members to take advantage of it.” ~ Eric Smith, Esq.