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C.J. Lyford, Esq.

632 Germantown Avenue
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
Phone: (610) 260-4055
Email: lyfordesq@gmail.com
Firm: Law Office of C.J. Lyford
Committees: American Citizenship Committee (Co-Chair)
Immigration Committee (Co-Chair)
Member Bio
Ms. Lyford has been practicing law for more than 25 years. After graduating in 1979 cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, she spent her first year of law school at the National Law Center, George Washington University School of Law, in Washington, D.C., and her last two years at Temple University School of Law. She has had her own practice since 1997, and represents individuals and families in the areas of immigration, citizenship and adoption. Her prior legal experience includes general litigation at the law firm of Rawle & Henderson and FDA regulation and pharmaceutical liability at Smith Kline Corporation.

Her immigration services include family and individual immigration, nonimmigrant visas, citizenship/naturalization, immigration of children adopted abroad, adoption and legalization of foreign born children in the U.S., and general immigration matters.

Her Pennsylvania adoption services include private, agency, relative, step-parent, second-parent and interstate adoptions. She also handles adoption finalizations and readoptions involving international adoptions. She is active in the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Pennsylvania and county bar associations and local adoption and immigration groups.