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The Montgomery County Elder Law Handbook

A free, comprehensive resource for the county’s seniors, this book contains information on housing, healthcare, financial planning, preparing wills and living wills and more.  Seniors, their caregivers and adults planning for the future can view the book at the offices of the Montgomery County Department of Aging and Adult Services, Senior Adult Activities Centers and libraries throughout the county and most other agencies within the county that serve seniors.  If you would like the file (PDF format) emailed to you, please send a request email to ElderLaw Publication or click the following link to download:

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Know Your Credit Rights Brochure

If you have ever applied for a mortgage or a home equity loan, obtained a credit card or used a loan to purchase a car, then you are a credit consumer.  As a credit consumer, you need to know your legal rights and obligations, especially in today’s uncertain economic times.  Some credit consumers who can’t pay their bills grow desperate, run up mounds of debt and get caught in a downward spiral of credit problems. Don’t let this happen to you!

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The Montgomery County Criminal Law Handbook

Published by the Criminal Defense and Community Outreach Committees.  This handbook is designed to provide basic information to anyone who becomes involved with the criminal justice system in Montgomery County.  Obviously, no publication can answer all questions asked by every victim or defendant but this guide explains various processes, describes services and ways to access them, and points out areas which may require specific legal expertise. (Spanish version also available)

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MBA Annual Legal Directory

Lists all MBA members, Areas of Interest, Committees and Sections, and serves as a handy reference for Montgomery County Courthouse and local government information.

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Montgomery County Law Reporter

The widely popular weekly Law Reporter, the official publication of the Thirty-Eighth Judicial District of Pennsylvania, is now available in a fully searchable electronic format.

The contents of the publication, including the Sheriff Sale Supplement, are fully Indexed and an electronic Table of Contents makes it easier to seek-out the information that's important to you.

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The Attorney/Realtor Protocol

In 1991, in an effort to further the joint interests and concerns of Realtors® and Attorneys in Montgomery County, various Montgomery County associations of Realtors® and the Montgomery Bar Association established a committee now comprised of ten Realtors® and ten attorneys to explore and discuss numerous matters of mutual interest.  The Committee believes it is beneficial for Realtors® and attorneys to identify their respective functions, duties, and expertise in real estate transactions in order that these transactions may be handled more smoothly, with less conflict, and with greater mutual respect.

The Montgomery Bar Association, as well as the Montgomery County, Delaware Valley and Tri-State Associations of Realtors® have wholeheartedly endorsed and approved the following Protocol. The Committee believes that this Protocol will serve as a guide for relationships between legal and real estate professionals, thereby improving their work with mutual clients.

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