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The MBA125 Book is
Now Available!

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In celebration of its 125th anniversary in 2009, the Montgomery Bar Association published a hardcover book entitled, “Montgomery Bar Association 1980-2009: Meeting the Challenges of a Dynamic Era,” a portrait of the practice of law in Montgomery County over three decades.

This book presents an unedited portrait, exclusively through hundreds of pictures and direct quotes from over fifty interviews and thirty years of past publications, of the developing practice of law in Montgomery County from 1980 - 2009.  It includes a CD-ROM with the complete narrative history of the Montgomery Bar from the early nineteenth century until 1980, as initially published in 1981.  This candid portrait of the practice of law, and the role of the Bench and organized Bar and its leaders, focuses on the Bench and Bar’s collective responses to a rapidly changing community, and the need to meet the community’s needs in a meaningful manner.  It is intended to teach while entertaining the Bar members. 

This book is available for purchase to Bar Members at the discounted rate of just $20.00, plus shipping through this website [ $7.00 per/book], or you can stop by the front desk at the Bar Association and purchase the book and save the shipping costs.  The book is also available to purchase by non-members of the Bar for $40.00, plus shipping if required.