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Bound Volume

Published by the Montgomery County Law Reporter

The Bound Volume of Opinions is a premier research tool that's instrumental in case strategy!  Get important rulings and decisions—straight from the Courts of Montgomery County. 

Compiled annually, it is the most comprehensive reference source on Montgomery County law available today.  You'll get an entire year's worth of published, full-text opinions of the counties most significant cases - including cases that:

  • deal with issues that are at the heart of your daily practice - such as evidence, motions, practice and civil procedure;
  • consider first-impression issues that have been addressed by Montgomery County Judges, sometimes conflicting and never appealed and resolved by appellate courts.

PLEASE NOTE: MBA Members have full access to the complete Online Opinion Resource: A fully-searchable, electronic compilation of published opinions - featuring advanced search functionality and updated regularly - another great benefit of membership!  

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2017 BV Binder - Binder Only $23.58
2017 Full Bound Volume - Full Bound Volume $70.75