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Image Campaign Posters - FREE for Members

Tired of the legal profession getting a bum rap? Well, here’s our chance to share some examples of the positive work that lawyers do every day. Many of you have seen the image campaign posters and newspaper ads the MBA has been using to promote goodwill and a positive image in the community. By this, we're referring to the series of ads, made available through the Pennsylvania Bar Association, which have been created to address legal topics of significance to citizens across Pennsylvania — adoption, starting a business, health care and elder law. The theme of the campaign is “You have rights. Lawyers protect them.”

At the request of some of our members, the Montgomery Bar Association has purchased and manufactured a limited number of freestanding, hardback posters, in two sizes (11” x 14” and 14” x 20”), so that they may be displayed in a location of your choosing. A number of law firms have already asked for copies of these ads to be displayed in their lobbies, conference rooms and in high-traffic areas where a captive audience might take notice.

Due to the number of inquiries the MBA has received from individual members, we have decided to offer these freestanding, hardback posters, free of charge, to members. The ads are now available at the Montgomery Bar Building for use in law offices or any location you see fit. If you’d like to let people know about the good things lawyers do or; for more information on this important campaign, please contact Pattie Walker at 610.279.9660, ext. 210.

You can also order on-line below. Please specify either size, 11” x 14” or 14” x 20”.
They are immediately available to pick up at the bar building.

Click links below to view detail of posters and scroll the page down to place your order: