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The Attorney/Realtor Protocol

Published by the MBA Realtor Liaison Committee

In 1991, in an effort to further the joint interests and concerns of Realtors® and Attorneys in Montgomery County, various Montgomery County associations of Realtors® and the Montgomery Bar Association established a committee to explore and discuss matters of mutual interest.  Now comprised of ten Realtors, ten attorneys and other real estate professionals, the Montgomery County Realtor®/Attorney Liaison Committee believes it is beneficial for Realtors® and attorneys to identify their respective functions, duties, and expertise in residencial real estate transactions in order that these transactions may be handled more smoothly, with less conflict, and with greater mutual respect.

The Montgomery Bar Association, as well as the Montgomery County, Suburban West and Tri-State Associations of Realtors® have wholeheartedly endorsed and approved the following Protocol. The Committee believes that this Protocol will serve as a guide for relationships between legal and real estate professionals, thereby improving their work with mutual clients. Please consider it and use it in your day-to-day professional activities.

  Download the Attorney/Realtor Protocol (Rev. Oct. 2005)»
  (PDF 25KB)