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Marketplace Vendors with Special Offers

Special MBA Member Discount
Accounting and Consulting     Agents of Efficiency
Adjusters     Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB)
Advertising     Montgomery County Law Reporter
     MBA Annual Legal Directory
     Sidebar Newsletter
Banks     TD Bank
     Univest Bank & Trust Co.
Business Coach     Agents of Efficiency
Care Management Specialists     AdvancedRM
Catastrophic Injury Claims Specialist     AdvancedRM
Cloud Computing and Professional Services     Agents of Efficiency
     Hybros Technology Consultants
Computer Products/Services     Hybros Technology Consultants
Court Reporting Services     Farrell Court Reporting
     Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe
     Strehlow & Associates
Credit Card Merchant Services     LawPay
     Univest Bank & Trust Co.
Desktop Publishing     CETRA Language Solutions
Document Services/Records/Office Management     LSP E-Discovery & Forensics
E-Discovery     LSP E-Discovery & Forensics
Expert Referral Services     The TASA Group, Inc.
Financial Services     Univest Bank & Trust Co.
Gifts     Gifts With A Twist
IT/Computer Services     Hybros Technology Consultants
     TechWise Group
Insurance     USI Affinity
Legal Consulting     AdvancedRM
Legal Filings     Parasec
Legal Publications     Montgomery County Law Reporter
     MBA Annual Legal Directory
Legal Services - Lawyer Referrals     Lawyer Referral Service
Life Care Planners/Consulting     AdvancedRM
Litigation Support & Trial Preparation Services     Kaplan Leaman & Wolfe
     LSP E-Discovery & Forensics
     Strehlow & Associates
Medical Consulting (Med-Mal/Personal Injury/LegalNurse)     AdvancedRM
Medical Review     AdvancedRM
Outsource IT     Hybros Technology Consultants
     TechWise Group
Payroll/HR Services     Agents of Efficiency
     Pay USA, Inc.
Placement     Morgan Wentworth, LLC
Practice Management Solutions     Agents of Efficiency
Property Damage     Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB)
Public Claims Adjuster     Insurance Adjustment Bureau, Inc. (IAB)
Publications (Legal Intelligencer)     The Legal Intelligencer
Publications (Montg. Bar Assoc.)     Montgomery County Law Reporter
     MBA Annual Legal Directory
     Sidebar Newsletter
Recruiting - Staffing - Placement     Monarch Staffing
     Morgan Wentworth, LLC
Software Consulting/Training - Legal     Hybros Technology Consultants
Special Needs Trust Consulting     AdvancedRM
Technical Services     Hybros Technology Consultants
     TechWise Group
Translation & Interpretation Services     CETRA Language Solutions
Video Services     Farrell Court Reporting
     Strehlow & Associates