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October 24, 2017

Judicial Retention Recommendation of the Montgomery Bar Association Judiciary Committee for the 2017 Election


Norristown, PA - The Judiciary Committee of the Montgomery Bar Association is charged with interviewing and rating candidates for the position of judge of the Court of Common Pleas.  The Judiciary Committee is composed of 30 lawyers of diverse backgrounds, ages, practices and geographic areas of Montgomery County with a combined legal practice exceeding 700 years.

The Committee is charged to rate a sitting Judge as recommended for retention or not recommended for retention.

The rating criteria which are considered are the candidates’:

  1. Integrity.
  2. Good moral character.
  3. Industry.
  4. Good health.
  5. Legal ability.
  6. Bench trial, jury trial or evidentiary hearing experience.
  7. Judicial temperament (patience, courtesy, compassion, impartiality, humility, even temper, sense of fairness).

The Bar considers this procedure a public service. 

The Montgomery Bar Association Judiciary Committee recommends the following Judge be retained: 

The Honorable Thomas M. Del Ricci