President's Message

A Message from 2018 President Mary C. Pugh, Esq.

Mary C. Pugh

My message to you is to get involved, stay involved, and find new ways to help our noble profession remain noble.

Established in 1885 to professionalize the county’s practice of law, the Montgomery Bar Association is one of our nation’s oldest and most respected bar associations, representing over 2,100 legal professionals in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Officially, I humbly become the next president of this esteemed professional organization and follow more than 133 past presidents and true leaders. 

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  John C. Maxwell

Lawyering is a noble profession.  To be a member of the MBA is a noble privilege.  Overall, this privilege sounds like a loaded concept.  What comes with this privilege are tangible and intangible benefits.  It is easy to go on the MBA's new and interactive website to view the many tangible member benefits including the ability to professionally participate in four sections and 50+ committees, exceptional continuing legal education seminars on a host of topics, and updates on proposed legislations and court rules. For those newly admitted to this esteemed bar, mentorship opportunities, leadership skills training, pro bono opportunities, and lawyer referral service opportunities are among the many benefits. For the seasoned lawyers, probably too many privileges to list, but I will try -- committee and section participation, pro bono opportunities, mock trial participation, ability to interact with the Bench, and many social events. 

The intangible benefits that the MBA offers are experiential and countless.  To know colleagues, to participate in seminars, to engage in helping others, to develop professional and personal relationships, to enrich your practice, to interact with the professionals, and to enhance the noble profession are but a few of the intangible benefits that one may reap by being involved. 

My message to you is to get involved, stay involved, find new ways to help our noble profession remain noble. For 2018, I am humbled to follow the past presidents and lead this extraordinary organization of professionals.  Although I simply cannot (and will not) try to list all of the amazing past presidents, I thank you all for being true leaders and staying involved, as your wisdom is priceless. I am also excited to meet new members, renew relationships, and try to emulate the group of previous leaders who knew the way, went the way, and will, hopefully, show me the way.  Thank you, President Smith for being my wonderful mentor and friend.

My invitation for all is to join, participate, and continue to make our profession noble. Let's have some fun!