CLE Seminars

SPECIAL DISCOUNTED CLE: Reconstructing Nighttime Collisions: What Makes Them Different

Tuesday, December 10, 2019
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Location: MBA CLE Room

Credits: 1.0 Hour Substantive

Moderator(s): Lauren Latzko

Speaker(s): Robert T. Lynch, PE & Justin P. Schorr, Ph.D.

Topic: When determining whether a collision was avoidable at night, the question that is often posed to the reconstructionist is: what could or could not be seen by the vehicle operator at the time of the incident? If the night scene can be reasonably recreated using representative lighting conditions at the time of the subject incident (vehicle headlights, streetlights, ambient sky illumination, etc.) and the paths and speeds of the vehicles and object/pedestrian are known, then the engineer may be able to view and opine as to what a vehicle operator and pedestrians can see at various distances leading up to the point of impact. This seminar examines the general approach to introducing stimuli to the scene in order to calibrate the nighttime photograph and provide an accurate representation of what was available to be seen. At the end of the seminar attendees will be able to understand the nuances associated with reconstructing nighttime collisions and the general approach to determine when an object/pedestrian would be expected to be observed by a vehicle operator/pedestrian leading up to the collision.

Registration: Lunch & Registration 12-12:30PM

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