Jim "He Hate Me" Mathias

Josh Macel

Susan Gibson

Congratulations to Jim, Josh, and Susan on winning weekly prizes.  Each will receive a Kunda Beverage Gift Card for his/her choice of libations, courtesy of Strehlow Court Reporting!    



It is Certain:
Most consistently dominant player this season?  Peyton Manning.
Without a Doubt

Shoot out in cheese country means fantasy owner happiness.

As I See it, Yes:
Arian Foster dominates a below average Browns run defense.
Outlook Good:

For both QB’s in the Indy/NE game.

Ask Again Later:
Will either offense produce in Zona v. Detroit?
Better Not Tell You Now:
Does Andy Dalton rebound?
Concentrate and Ask Again:

Can you trust Kaep or Cam as your QB in a crucial week?

Don't Count On It:

Steelers won’t have another week like last week.

My Reply is No:

Lynch obviously won’t recreate last week’s numbers, but he also won’t find paydirt.

My Sources Say No:
Jay Cutler will rebound but won’t be fantasy worthy unless he gets a dump off TD from Forte.
Outlook Not So Good:

Bengals defense is reeling and now faces the Saints.


Raiders:     I pity the fool that has to rely on any Raider.

PATRIOTS:    A healthy Gronk equals a successful Brady.  Tom isn’t this team’s MVP, it’s Gronk.

Bills:     Tough matchup against a stingy Dolphins D.  Watkins aside, no one else looks like a safe play this week.

Chiefs:     Still can’t figure out how Alex Smith has brainwashed national media.  The guy can’t throw to a freaking WR and ALWAYS dumps off to his
                 TE and RB.  Yet media thinks he somehow helps his team win.

Lions:     Welcome back Megatron!  Lions have 2 top fantasy wideouts, they just need to figure out how to play together as a single unit.  I expect
                Peterson to lock onto Calvin so Tate could have a big day.

Ravens:     BYE WEEK

Titans:     Another fantasy wasteland that you really don’t want to have to rely upon if you are fighting for the playoffs.

Browns:     The team is hitting a wall, but Josh Gordon is back.  It might take him a week to get into the flow, but it should help out the rest of his team. 

Colts:     Luck, TY, Allen, Bradshaw.  Those are your weekly locks to play.

Buccaneers:     Vincent Jackson gets all the press and defensive attention; meanwhile Mike Evans has put up a nice run of double digit fantasy weeks.
                           I’d roll with him as my WR3 or flex play this week.

Vikings:     The fantasy wasteland is now a trinity.

Bears:     Division game, horrible play week before, Vikings defense can get hot, all signs to be nervous.  However, you likely have no better options
                so roll with your Bears, except Cutler, grab Sanchize instead.

Saints:     If you haven’t paid attention, Mark Ingram is dominating right now.  I don’t care that Pierre Thomas has returned, the Saints finally have a
                 bell-cow RB.

Jaguars:     BYE WEEK.

Jets:     BYE WEEK.

Seahawks:     If anyone can explain to me how teams continue to allow Wilson to break huge runs rather than force him to throw from the pocket,
                        please email me the answer.  If Wilson can’t run his fantasy value is very low. 

Steelers:     Another breakout second half player, Martavis Bryant.  He benefits from the attention to Brown but also is huge at 6-3 or 6-4 and Big Ben
                     looks his way for goal line throws.

Cardinals:     Drew Stanton hasn’t played poorly so this team should still produce some solid fantasy numbers.

Washington:     BYE WEEK.

Packers:     Eagles defense won’t even get half the sacks they got last week.  Rodgers and co. roll all day long.

Panthers:     Cam can’t move well, the line can’t block well.  That spells disaster.  You just hope for garbage time points from him and Benjamin.

Cowboys:     BYE WEEK.

49ers:     The Giants D isn’t frightening, but the lack of consistency from this team for fantasy purposes is.

Bengals:     Bengals need Gio back and healthy and they need to reestablish their run game.  Saints like to gamble which may result in some Dalton

Broncos:     Gravy train for any owner lucky enough to have drafted these guys (except Welker owners, sorry).

Texans:     Browns defense has been bad but the Texans are also starting an inexperienced QB.  I expect a heavy dose of Foster.

Dolphins:     This is a must start defense each week.  Outside of that, the other guys are all inconsistent.

Chargers:     Hopefully the week off gave the Chargers time to rediscover their identity.

Eagles:     Green Bay is better than usual on defense, but there is no reason the Eagles shouldn’t do well.  This is another must start defense as they
                  are scoring TD’s nearly every week.

Falcons:     It’s time for the coach to go, he doesn’t seem to get the best out of the talent that he has.

Rams:     A shakeup at QB won’t do much good.  Tre Mason looks to be the RB you want, but his matchup is rough.

Giants:     Welcome back Rashad Jennings, so sorry you have to face the Niners.

Good luck in your Week 11 games folks!