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The lawyer Referral Service is a program of the Montgomery Bar Association which provides the name of an attorney in a particular area of law based on geographical location to a member of the public.

The service does not provide referrals to pro bono (free) attorneys. To obtain a referral complete the following form or call our service center between the hours of 9am - 4pm, Monday through Friday, at 610-279-9660 option #3.

For more information about the Lawyer Referral Service or the Modest Means Legal Access Program, click here.

Is there a fee to contact the Lawyer Referral Service?

No. There is no charge for contacting the Montgomery Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service or; for receiving a referral from our service. This is one of the many community outreach services that the MBA provides to our community.

Will the attorney charge a fee?

Yes. A $40.00 fee will be charged, which entitles you to a 30 minute consultation with the attorney. No fee will be charged for initial consultations in workers’ compensation or social security cases. However should you choose to hire the attorney to whom you are referred, you and the attorney must discuss fees beyond the first half-hour consultation.

Do you have a list of attorneys who will work out a payment plan?

No. The Lawyer Referral Service does NOT maintain any information on payment arrangements of any of its attorneys. Callers are encourage to ask the attorney about this prior to their brief initial consultation.

How are attorneys selected to be on the panel?

Panel membership is open to any Pennsylvania licensed attorney who is a member in good standing of the Montgomery Bar Association, who provides proof of liability insurance coverage and who maintains an office in the county in which he/she registers to receive referrals.

Do you have a list of pro bono attorneys?

No. The Lawyer Referral Service does NOT provide referrals to pro bono attorneys. All panel members on our service expect to be paid for their services, except in cases where a contingency fee structure has been established.

What if I don’t qualify for Legal Aid?

If you do not meet Legal Aid’s requirements, ask a Legal Aid employee about the Modest Means Legal Access Program (MMLAP). The MMLAP is a joint project between the Montgomery Bar Association and Montgomery County Legal Aid through which our attorney’s offer reduced fees.


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