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Laurel House

Laurel House is a comprehensive domestic abuse agency that provides supportive services to victims and their families throughout Montgomery County.

Contact: Stacy Dougherty

P.O. Box 764
Norristown, PA 19404
(610) 277-1860

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The mission of Laurel House is to advocate for and empower those impacted by domestic violence by providing crisis intervention, safe haven, supportive programs and resources; as well as to advance social change through preventative education and through community training and collaboration to foster a coordinated response to domestic abuse.

Laurel House offers a 24/7 confidential hotline where advocates are available to provide information, resources, and support to victims and their families. The hotline also provides screening for Laurel House's emergency shelter. This temporary emergency shelter is for victims of domestic violence and their children who are in immediate danger.

Laurel House also offers free clinical counseling to individuals who have experienced domestic violence. Both individual counseling and support group are offered at various locations throughout Montgomery County. A Children's Program is also offered that helps children address their own experiences through therapeutic play. This helps them learn healthy coping skills and non-violent conflict resolution techniques. Community Education is also offered to schools and various community organizations on teen dating abuse and domestic violence.

Laurel House also provides a crisis response program (DART) 24/7. The DART advocate assesses the victim's emotional, medical, and legal needs while offering support to her (or him) and any children present. DART advocates also provide follow up support including ongoing legal advocacy as the victim files for a PFA and/or cooperates with criminal charges filed against their abuser.

Transitional Housing is available on a limited basis to victims of domestic violence who are not yet ready to be fully responsible for securing their own housing and paying living expenses for themselves and their family.

Laurel House also provides training about healthy relationships and safe dating for teens and young adults, as well as education and training about domestic violence for medical and mental health care professionals, law enforcement personnel, HR managers, business owners and other professionals throughout Montgomery County.