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Behavioral & Cultural Development Solutions LLC.

Behavioral & Cultural Development Solutions LLC.

Behavioral and Cultural Development Solutions is an Agency dedicated to strategically maximizing supportive services of every individual.

Contact: Winston Bailey

139 Montgomery Avenue, Suite C
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 664-1506

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Our team of professionals is trained from a customer service and case management approach. We believe that the most effective way to service our clients' is through specifically aligned trainings and developments that emphasizes on our service philosophy, "Our customers are always right when they are well informed".

Our Philosophy
Individual focused- Understanding that each individual is unique and has wants and needs specific to their own abilities, interest and circumstance. Family focused- Understanding that the family dynamics plays a primary role in each individual's lives, by linking the individual services and providing a comprehensive assessment of identified providers we ensure that the individual will be treated with respect and dignity.

Our Mission
As a provider our mission is to offer unique individualized support services that maximize every consumer's opportunity to be an independent and productive citizen.

Our Value
Ensure a transparency, prevention, autonomous decision making and to be team focused to meet the unique challenges of each individual and their families.

Our Experience
The CEO of this agency is an accomplished professional in the Human Services field with over a decade of experience. He has held many positions ranging from Direct Support to a Director of a Home Health Agency. In these positions, he has organized training and development programs to enhance employee performance, utilized varying psycho- therapeutic methods to address the cognitive deficits and mental health challenges of various consumers. Mr. Bailey has worked both in the profit and non-profit business sector; the accumulation of those experiences has equipped him with a practical sense on maximizing the performance of individuals with or without limited developmental deficits.