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Horace A. Davenport Dispute Resolution Center

All participants are members of the Montgomery Bar Association, have practiced law for a minimum of 10 years and have completed mandatory mediation training. (listed alphabetically)


June Scarborough Appell, Esq. Wayne, PA
Practice Area:  In-house counsel for major financial institutions for over 27 years. In private alternative dispute resolution practice for approximately 4 years.  Currently on NASD lists as an arbitrator and mediator.  Mediate cases privately and for the Civil Court in Gloucester, Mercer, Camden, Middlesex and Burlington Counties in New Jersey and for the Family Court in Chester and Montgomery Counties in Pennsylvania.  Have mediated a variety of disputes, including, without limitation, contract disputes, employment disputes, disputes regarding workplace injury, and property damage.

Charles J. Arena, Esq., Blue Bell, PA
Practice Area: Civil Litigation. 22 years trial experience, primarily motor vehicle, products liability and medical malpractice cases. 10 years as arbitrator for Philadelphia County arbitration system; more than 20 with Montgomery County system. 

Mason Avrigian, Esq., Wisler Pearlstine, LLP, Blue Bell, PA
Practice Areas:  General Civil Litigation & Family Law.  40 years trial experience in personal injury, products liability, medical malpractice, eminent domain, commercial litigation and  equitable distribution.  Arbitrated over 100 cases including personal injury, commercial, corporate, medical malpractice.  Presided over variety of disputes as trial judge in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.

Jerold S. Berschler, Esq., Solomon, Berschler, Schatz, & Monaghan, P.C., Norristown, PA 
Practice Areas: Domestic Relations, Personal Injury.  28 years trial experience. Arbitrator in Montgomery County since 1972. 

Maribeth Blessing, Esq., Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, LLC, Rockledge, PA
Practice Area:  Family Law.  10 years family law litigation.  6 years arbitration and mediation in family law cases.  Advanced Practitioner with the Association of Conflict Resolution.

Craig B. Bluestein, Esq., Law Offices of Craig B. Bluestein, Fort Washington, PA
Practice Areas: Family Law, General Civil Litigation, Adoptions, Residential Real Estate.  Trial Experience: Principal Litigator, or Second Chair Litigator in approximately 8 jury trials over the past 20 years.  Completed 40 hours of mediation training, trained other attorneys and health professionals for custody mediation in Montgomery County and served as a mediator in numerous custody and divorce cases during the past two years.

Andrew L. Braunfeld, Esq., Masterson Braunfeld, LLP, Conshohocken, PA
Practice Areas:  Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Commercial Litigation and Professional Association Litigation. 31 years trial experience. 31 years arbitrating disputes including uninsured and underinsured motorist disputes.  10 years handling private mediations, mostly in personal injury, medical malpractice and products liability areas.

Samuel Breskman, Esq., Narberth, PA
Practice Areas:  Construction, Engineering, Commercial Litigation.  Handled American Arbitration cases in Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.  Involved in approximately 80 cases from 1984 to date.  Primarily, Construction Disputes and several Commercial Disputes.

Lindley M. Cowperthwait, Esq., Law Office of Lindley M. Cowperthwait, Jr., Rock Hall, MD
Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation, Risk Management.  Trying all types of cases since 1961.  Arbitrating personal injury, contract, commercial and insurance coverage issues since 1962.  Experience mediating professional and product liability claims.

Nathaniel P. D’Amico, Esq., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Tort, including Personal Injury.  35 plus years trial experience including bodily injury cases, contract and criminal defense.  Resolved over 592 cases through arbitration or mediation.  Serve as neutral arbitrator 2 to 3 times per week.  Experience as neutral arbitrator and mediator in plaintiff’s cases against insurance companies.

Hon. Horace A. Davenport, Norristown, PA
Twenty seven (27) years, Judge, Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County, including ten (10) years handling Montgomery County Court’s Settlement Program on a full-time basis.

Blake E. Dunbar, Jr., Esq., Robert L. Brant & Associates, LLC, Trappe, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation, Labor Law.  24 years trial experience.  Served as neutral and partial arbitrator in UM and UIM cases over past 20 years. 14 years experience representing parties before PA Labor Relations Hearing Examiners.  Represented numerous police departments in negotiations over Collective Bargaining Agreements.

Robert J. Edelmayer, Esq., Robert J. Edelmayer, P.C., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal Injury, General Business, Corporate, Real Estate, Estates, Zoning, Civil and Commercial Litigation.  28 years trial experience in civil and some criminal matters.  10 years as neutral arbitrator in uninsured/underinsured motorist cases, 20 years as chair of Common Pleas Arbitrations.  Two years mediating business and personal injury disputes.

William I. English, Esq., Law Office of William J. English, Jr., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Criminal, Family, Personal Injury.  29 years trial and arbitration experience.  Experience negotiating settlements of municipal disputes.

David A. Feldheim, Esq., Law Offices of David A. Feldheim, Plymouth Meeting, PA
Practice Area:  Business Litigation.  Served as an arbitrator for 29 years in Montgomery County.  Formerly In-House Counsel at Sun Oil Company for 24 years.  Presently practicing with an emphasis on contractual matters for individuals, business owners, employees, professionals and business partners. 

Sarah Ford, Esq., Ford & Buckman, P.C., Blue Bell, PA
Practice Areas:  Domestic Relations, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Real Estate, Business.  10 years handling insurance litigation.  Mediation experience in domestic, real estate and business matters.  Certified mediator since 1993.

Philip L. Gazan, Esq., Gazan & John, PC, Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation, Personal Injury.  20 years experience as trial attorney and arbitrator. 

Sara L. Goren, Esq., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Family Law, Employment, Real Estate, Wills, Mediation.  12 years trial and arbitration experience.  Practicing member of the Academy of Family Mediators.  9 years mediation experience in family matters, neighbor disputes, employment disputes, including experience as U.S. Postal Service Mediator in employee/management disputes, and other civil matters. 

Carole D. Green, Esq., Radnor, PA 
Practice Areas:  Business Litigation, Franchise, Employment, Contract.  Trial work since 1978.  Arbitrator since 1989 for American Arbitration Association; since 1995 for National Association of Securities Dealers and New York Stock Exchange; since 1979 for Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.  Mediator for American Arbitration Association since 1990; since 1991 for U.S. District Court, Eastern Dst. of PA; since 1995 for NASD and NYSE.  Matters arbitrated and mediated include contract, franchise, employment, securities, personal injury, insurance, health care and bankruptcy. 

John P. Gregg, Esq., High Swartz, LLP, Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Family Law and Criminal Litigation.  27 years experience handling criminal trials, jury and non-jury.  With respect to the same time period, handled custody, support, protection from abuse and equitable distribution matters.  2 years experience with Montgomery County custody mediation orientation program, mediating matters involving primary and partial physical child and visitation.

Catherine M. Harper, Esq., Timoney Knox, LLP, Fort Washington, PA
Practice Areas:  Commercial, Personal Injury and Real Estate Litigation, General Practice, Municipal & Zoning.  19 years trial experience.  Represented parties in commercial and real estate arbitrations.

Mark S. Harris, Esq., Kraut Harris, P.C., Blue Bell, PA
General Practice. Represented parties in numerous zoning hearings over last 17 years.  Arbitrator for Montgomery County Arbitration program for 17 years.  Conducted informal mediations in shareholder and other transactional disputes.  Completed 15 hours of mediation training with Pepperdine University School of Law Institute for Dispute Resolution.

John V. Hasson, Esq., Timoney Knox, LLP, Fort Washington, PA
35 years trial experience in plaintiff’s personal injury cases and construction law.  Handling arbitration, primarily construction, for the American Arbitration Association for 10 years; UM/UIM arbitration for 30.

Arthur L. Jenkins, Jr., Esq., Law Offices of Arthur L. Jenkins Jr., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas: Criminal and Civil Litigation in All Areas Except Bankruptcy.  36 years trial experience.  34 years as arbitrator for the Montgomery County system.

Timothy S. Kerr, Esq., Kulpsville, PA
Practice Areas:  Construction, Public Contracts, Litigation, Surety Law. 19 years experience handling construction claims, breach of contract, mechanics’ liens, UCC, performance and payment bonds, trade secrets, non-competition agreements and commercial litigation.  Handled State and Federal Court arbitration, AAA.

Carol M. Lauchmen, Esq., Carol Lachment, P.C., Harleysville, PA
Practice Areas:  Real Estate, Zoning, Domestic, Small Business, Estates.  15 years trial experience. Arbitration experience in insurance matters.

Louis P. Lombardi, II, Esq., Loius P. Lombardi, II & Associates, P.S., Plymouth Meeting, PA
Over 20 years of trial experience including bench trials and jury trials involving all types of personal injury cases, including Medical Malpractice, Workers’ Compensation and Motor Vehicle Accident cases representing insurance carriers and plaintiffs.  Arbitrator in both Philadelphia and Montgomery County arbitrating personal injury, product liability, property damage and contract cases.

James R. Lynch, Jr., Esq., Law Offices of James R. Lynch, Jr., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal injury, worker’s compensation.  Since admission in 1982, I have had experience in the Courts of Common Pleas of Delaware, Bucks, Montgomery, Chester and Berks Counties in both arbitrations and jury trials, the large majority of which have dealt with personal injury matters.  I have arbitration experience in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas and the Federal District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  I have also participated in numerous private arbitrations with various alternative dispute resolution organizations.

Joseph P. Lynch, Esq., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal Injury, Real Estate and Decedent’s Estates.  30 years trial experience, primarily plaintiff’s PI cases and will contests.  30 years of service on Montgomery County Arbitration Panels. 5 or 6 arbitrations for the American Arbitration Association.

Donald J. Martin, Esq., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Appellate practice, civil, administrative and criminal trials, professional discipline matters, municipal law.  27 years trial experience, professional licensing, civil, commercial and criminal matters.  Montgomery County Arbitrator since 1973, involving all matters.  Certified arbitrator in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania since 1999.  As law clerk for asbestos litigation in Montgomery County has participated in the settlement of nearly 500 asbestos cases.  As an appellate practitioner and an attorney who provides in court and out of court assistance to other attorneys.

Bernard J. McLafferty, Esq.,  McLafferty & Kroberger, PC, Erdenheim, PA
Practice Areas: Civil, Primarily Personal Injury and Decedent’s Estates.  39 years trial experience in personal injury, contract, domestic, eminent domain and estate cases.  35 plus years arbitration experience though Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas and American Arbitration Association.  Represented parties in mediations.  20 years handling procedural and evidentiary aspects of will and estate contests as former Montgomery County Register of Wills.

Fred W. Miller, Esq., Weinraub & Miller, Norristown, PA
Practice Area:  Personal Injury (primarily defense).  12 years trial experience in motor vehicle liability, negligence, premises liability and products liability.  Experience as an arbitrator in the Court of Common Pleas, UM/UIM.  Also an arbitrator (Chairman) for the NASD.

Kenneth P. Milner, Esq., Kraut Harris, P.C., Plymouth Meeting, PA 
Practice Area:  Franchise, Real Estate, Business/Commercial, Corporate/Partnership.  I have 27 years of business, franchise and real estate transaction experience.  I was general counsel for Cottman Transmission Systems for five years.  I teach courses on franchising for PDI and Montgomery County CLE.  FRANCHISE: Disclosure, termination and relationship disputes between franchisors and franchisees; U.S. District Courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts  REAL ESTATE:  Landlord/Tenant cases.  BUSINESS:  Non-Competition, Collection and Partnership cases in E.D.PA, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.  Serves as an AAA Franchise Arbitrator in Eastern PA and Chicago; Real Estate Arbitrations in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties.  Arbitration Panelist and Chairman in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties.  Arbitrator for Better Business Bureau of Greater Philadelphia.

Carolyn R. Mirabile, Esq., Weber, Gallagher, Simpson, Stapleton, Fires & Newby, LLP, Norristown, PA
Practice Area:  Family Law.  11 years experience handling family law cases.  Mediating 4-5 custody cases per month since January, 2000.

Robert F. Morris, Esq., Morris & Clemm, P.C., Plymouth Meeting, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal injury, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, UM/UIM, Commercial. 24 years trial and arbitration experience.  Has represented clients in mediations.

John R. O’Rourke, Jr., Esq., McTighe, Weiss, & O’Rourke, P.C., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal Injury, including Property and Casualty cases and Medical and Dental Malpractice, and Commercial, including real estate, debtor/creditor issues, shareholder disputes and partnership dissolutions.  23 years trial, arbitration and mediation experience, including participation in the Federal Court Mediation Program.

Allan C. Perry, Esq., Willow Grove, PA
Practice Areas:  Family Law and Personal Injury.  Practicing since 1978.  Handled simple and protracted matrimonial matters.  Tried many custody related cases.  Also involved in personal injury matters.  Experience as a mediator with the U.S. Postal Service. 

William H. Pugh, IV, Esq. Kane, Pugh, Knoell, Troy & Kramer, LLP, Norristown, PA
Practice Areas: 40 years trying variety of cases, most recently focusing on defense of Medical Malpractice Cases.  Arbitrator in compulsory arbitration cases ADR Options Referrals, UM and UIM cases.  Served as mediator upon assignment of ADR Options, Inc. And also at the request of various attorneys seeking an experienced mediator.

William H. Pugh, V, Esq., Kane, Pugh, Knoell Troy & Kramer, LLP, Norristown, PA 
Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice and Civil Trials.  Tried over 50 cases to verdict in last 14 years.  Represented defense and served as neutral arbitrator in UM and UIM cases. 

Sean Robins, Esq., Gold & Ferrante, P.C., Jenkintown, PA
General defense litigation practice with emphasis on civil rights (§§1983 and 1985, and prosecutorial, law enforcement and municipal liability); professional liability (medical, psychiatric and legal), and employment and related matters, including employment claims under Title VII, ADA,  ADEA, FMLA, and PHRA.

Edward Rubin, Esq., Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell & Lupin, P.C., Lansdale, PA
Practice Areas:  Products Liability, Medical Malpractice, Environmental, Asbestos, Commercial Litigation.  More than 30 years trial experience.  33 years as arbitrator in Montgomery County and in UM and UIM cases. 

Renee G. H. Sackey, Esq., Warrington, PA
Practice Areas: Real Estate, Business, Franchise, Employment.  15 years trial experience.  Focus on arbitration and mediation in last 8.  Arbitrator for Montgomery County Court System and in-house arbitration experience.  18 years mediation experience, including mediation, as VP and General Counsel of RE/MAX , of disputes among brokers, salespersons, buyers, sellers and third parties and with the Dispute Resolution System of the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors.

Lawrence Sager, Esq., Sager & Sager Associates, Pottstown, PA
Practice Areas: General, including 34 years trial experience in Personal Injury, Professional Malpractice, Real Estate, Estate, Will Contests, Employment, Construction, Contract, Zoning, Civil Rights, Family Law and Insurance Coverage and Claims. Arbitration experience spanning 34 years.  25 years mediation experience in a variety of matters. 

Mark C. Schultz, Esq., Schultz Law LLC, Conshohocken, PA
Practice Areas:  Personal Injury with Concentration in Products Liability and Construction Litigation.  25 years trial experience including products liability, construction litigation, premise liability and medical malpractice.  23 years arbitration experience including product liability, underinsured motorist, construction and premise liability.  10 years mediation experience.

Ronald H. Sherr, Esq., Mayers, Mennies & Sherr LLP, Blue Bell, PA
Practice Areas: General Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  43 years trial experience in commercial matters, real estate, orphans’ court matters, products liability and professional malpractice.  10 years mediation experience. Judge pro tem for Philadelphia County and Discovery Master in Montgomery County.

Michael C. Shields, Esq., Norristown, PA
Practice Areas:  General practice including Commercial, Personal Injury/Casualty Loss, Zoning, Estates and Corporate.  27 years trial experience.  10 years arbitration experience; 5 years mediation.  Special Master with the Dispute Resolution Institute in Philadelphia.  Mediation certificate for completion of 40 hours of training with CDR Associates in Boulder, Colorado.

Lynn B. Silver, Esq., Willow Grove, PA
Practice Areas:  Family Law, Personal Injury, Criminal Law.  19 years of trial experience in family law, personal injury and criminal law including arbitrations, jury and bench trials.  Custody mediator for Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, volunteer for Montgomery County Mediation Center and private family law mediator.

Ronald H. Silverman, Esq., Audubon, PA
Practice Areas: Construction Litigation and Corporate.  20 years trial experience in employment, construction and commercial matters.  20 years arbitration experience. Participated in the three month mediation of the dispute concerning construction of the Curtis Building. General building contractor for 29 years.

Thomas J. Speers, Esq., Plymouth Meeting, PA
Practice Areas:  Commercial and Business Litigation, Real Estate and Financial Institutions.  Trial experience includes one year with Montgomery County Public Defenders Office, Federal Civil Rights litigation on behalf of police officers, representation of financial institutions and administrative agency appeals and labor issues as solicitor for the Montgomery County Sheriff.  20 years as arbitrator in Montgomery County.  

Marc Robert Steinberg, Esq., Rubin, Glickman, Steinberg & Gifford, P.C., Lansdale, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil and Criminal Litigation.  27 years trial experience in civil, particularly personal injury, and criminal matters.  25 years arbitration -- plaintiff, defense and neutral.  10 years of mediation experience in cases involving partnership disputes and personal injury. 

Michael G. Trachtman, Esq., Powell, Trachtman, Logan, Carrle & Lombardo, P.C., King of Prussia, PA
Practice Areas:  Commercial Litigation, Employment Litigation, Business Counseling, including   law training for executives and managers of businesses.  Trying cases since 1974 – caseload has included breach of contract, intellectual property, business torts, lease disputes, civil rights issues involving commercial enterprises and variety of other matters.  Conducted numerous mediations and arbitrations.

Victor M. Verbeke, Esq., Snyder & Verbeke, Conshohocken, PA
Practice Areas:  Insurance Defense.  16 years trial experience in all types of negligence suits (auto, casualty, slip and fall, property loss, etc.), products liability, bad faith, insurance coverage, legal malpractice, subrogation, first party cases, defamation, fraud.  Handled over 300 arbitrations.

Joseph P. Walsh, Esq., Walsh Pancio, LLC, Lansdale, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation.  More than fifteen years of civil litigation and trial experience in the areas of personal injury, commercial and business disputes, construction negligence, and zoning.  Highly experienced in insurance issues involving coverage, UM and UIM claims.  For more information, visit my website at www.walshpancio.com.

John R. Warner, Esq., Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin, King of Prussia, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil Litigation/Defense.  40 years trial experience in auto liability, products liability and professional liability.  30 years trial experience in plaintiff’s personal injury (not in past 10). Focus on medical malpractice defense in last ten years.  40 years arbitration experience.  Some mediation experience in personal injury cases. 

Lester G. Weinraub, Esq., Weinraub & Miller, Norristown, PA 
Practice Areas: Personal Injury, Primarily Defense.  Trying cases since 1983.  Trial experience includes motor vehicle cases, premise liability, municipal liability and products liability.  Arbitration and mediation experience with Montgomery County System and American Arbitration Association -- primarily in personal injury cases.

Marvin Wilenzik, Esq., Elliott Greenleaf & Siedzikowski, P.C. Blue Bell, PA
Practice Areas:  Civil and Commercial Litigation, Orphans’ Court Litigation, Family Law, Land Use, Contract Interpretation, Eminent Domain, Lender Liability.  38 years trial experience.  30 years arbitration experience, including law firm dissolution, corporate disputes, insurance coverage, family law issues and lease, contract and commercial disputes.  Mediation experience in various matters including business disputes, family law matters, contract disputes and defamation.

Michael Yanoff, Esq., Friedman Schuman, P.C., Jenkintown, PA
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation (Personal Injury/Commercial) and Land Use Issues.  Tried over 100 cases.  26 years arbitration experience.

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